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Ellensburg Night Market

The Ellensburg Downtown Association is proud to present the Summer 2024 Ellensburg Night Market
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Join us in beautiful downtown Ellensburg on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, from June-September for the Ellensburg Night Market. You’ll find an array of handmade goods, sweet treats, local eats, music good times, and more. We appreciate the continued support in the community.

Join 30+ artisans, food vendors, musicians, and micro enterprises downtown at the annual Summer Ellensburg Night Market!

Vendors from across the state of Washington will share their unique wares, handcrafted jewelry and candles, gourmet desserts, boutique clothing, and so much more. Food vendors and trucks will be on-site, along with live music, putt-putt golf, and children's crafts. All are welcome.

o June 19th 

o July 17th
o August 21st
o September 18th


HOLIDAY 2024: 
Location: This holiday season we are hosting at Gard Vintners; Ridge Encore from 4-8pm
Booth Size: 7x8ft.

o December 4th
o December 11th
o December 18th


Thank you to the Summer Night Market Sponsors


Vendors are responsible for their own booth displays. Including tables, chairs, racks, etc...

Here is a helpful checklist when preparing for events: 

  • Tent weights to help secure your canopy legs (it is required that your tent must be properly weighed down, if not unfortunately you will not be allowed to utilize your tent)

  • 10x10 Tent Canopy (for summer market booths)

  • Battery-operated string lights to connect to the perimeter of your canopy

  • Zip ties

  • Tape 

  • Scissors

  • Folding table(s)

  • Table cloth

  • Chair(s)

  • Shelves/racks (depending on what you are displaying)

  • Foldable Wagon 

  • P.O.S. (square or other, credit card reader... easily connected to phone or tablet)

  • Change (You are responsible for making change for all purchases, no cash change will be available at the Night Market)

  • Bags or some kind of protection for your products

  • Price tags

  • Pen and/or Sharpie

  • Zip ties/ bungee cords

  • Notebook

  • Business cards

  • Water bottles

  • Sunscreen (For Summer night market)

  • Snacks (food options available at the market, however, can be difficult to break away from your booth)

  • Banner or some kind of display with your branding or business name

  • Comfort items (jacket, hat, comfortable shoes, etc.)

  • Anti-fatigue floor mat (these make a huge difference!!!)

After you’ve applied... What is next?


Please note this is a juried event. If you do not receive an acceptance email within 3 weeks before the event you are applying for, we are sorry but there is not enough space for you at this time. Your name will be added to the waiting list.  Please apply to as many dates as you wish to participate in.  If you apply to more than one market there is no need to attach photos beyond the first application.  Due to the high volume of applications, we receive we do not have space for everyone who applies each month. We apologize if you do not get into the market right away, we do wish to work with you in the future.  


While we hope for the success of all entrepreneurs and micro businesses in our area, we do not host multilevel marketing (MLM) style businesses at these events. We wish you all the best!

Questions? Email

Thank you for your interest in joining our community!!

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