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Bars, Taverns, and Wine Tastings

Bruce’s Place

600 N Main Street 

Club 301

301 N Pearl Street 

Dark Moon Craft Beer

319 N Pearl Street

Enchantment Brewing

416 S Main St

Fortuity Cellars

115 West 3rd Avenue 

Frontier Tavern

111 W 4th Avenue

Gard Vintners

311 N Pearl Street 

The Horseshoe

106 W 3rd Avenue

The Mule Cocktail Bar

119 E 4th Avenue 

The Tav

117 W 4th Avenue 

Whipsaw Brewing

704 Wenas Street


Full Service Restaurants

BRIX Wine Bar & Restaurant

109 W 3rd Avenue

Bruce’s Place

600 N Main Street 

Cornerstone Pie

307 E 5th Avenue 

Dirks Pizza

408 N Main Street

Ellensburg Brewing 

206 N Main Street

Ellensburg Pasta Company

600 N Main Street 

Hayday Bake & Brew

215 W 3rd Ave

Julep Kitchen & Bar

429 N Main St.

Lunchbox Café

409 N Ruby Street 

Palace Café

323 N Main Street 

Panda Garden

207 N Main Street 

Pita Pit

11 W 3rd Avenue


Smokeys BBQ

417 N Pearl St

Sugar Thai

306 N Pine Street 

SV’s Curry Masala

303 N Main St.

The Early Bird

412 N Main St

The Huntsman Tavern

307 N Pearl St.

The Night Owl

414 N Main St

The Pearl Bar & Grill

402 N Pearl Street 

The Porch

608 N Main Street 

The Red Pickle

301 N Pine Street

The Ridge

404 N Pine Street 


The Wild Huckleberry

105 W 3rd Ave

Young Tea and T

117 E 4th Ave


119 W 5th Ave

Coffee and Treats

ABC Donuts

215 W 3rd Avenue


407 N Water St

D & M Coffee

325 N Pearl Street

204 S Water Street

Hayday Bake & Brew

215 W 3rd Ave

Udderly Espresso – “Raris & Lyle’s”

423 N Main St

Young T and Tea

117 E 4th Ave.

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