Keep your tax dollars local and support the economic vitality of downtown Ellensburg through the Washington State Main Street Tax Credit Incentive Program.


Ready to Support your Community?

Redirect Your B&O Tax to Ellensburg!

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The Washington State Main Street B&O Tax Credit Incentive Program allows businesses to make a donation to the Ellensburg  Downtown Association and in return, earn a 75% state B&O tax credit on that amount. In addition, the donation is eligible for a federal tax deduction. A powerful way to support your downtown!

Brenda DeVore, EDA’s Executive Director, is here to help guide you through this process. Please contact her at director@ellensburgdowntown.org


HELP US REACH OUR GOAL OF $233,333 RAISED BY 12/23/22!!!

Additional Main Street Tax Credit  Information
  • Donate to the EDA and receive a state B&O tax credit of 75% of the donation amount.

  • Receive a federal tax deduction for the remaining 25%.

  • This is a way to direct your tax dollars right back into your community.

  • Pledging for the program starts the second Monday in January.

  • Pledge by March 15th, pledging early is best!

  • Each Main Street city has a cap of $95,000 in donation pledges in Q1.

  • Pledge early but your donation to the EDA can be made as late as November 15th.

  • Pledges are made on the Department of Revenue website.

  • The federal tax deduction can be taken in the same year as the donation and the state B&O credit becomes
    available starting January of the following year.

  • Any donation amount works.

  • Credits may not be carried over to subsequent years.

  • Anyone who pays B&O taxes in Washington can contribute to any Main Street Program in Washington (you don’t have to be in downtown Ellensburg).

  • This program is unique to Washington and has been a proven economic catalyst for historic Main Street towns since 2006.

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